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What can you do with a can?

What can you do with one can? A lot if you’re part of Canstruction 2010. Canned food was collected in the St. Louis area by a local charity. The cans were then given to local teams of engineers, architects and … Continue reading

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Review of The Promise of Morning by Ann Shorey

  Get it here The  Promise of Morning by Ann Shorey ISBN:  978-0-8007-333-9 This is book 2 in the Home in Beldon Grove Series. Don’t let that stop you from grabbing it off the shelf. You don’t need to read … Continue reading

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Review : The Country House Courtship by Linore Rose Burkhard

This is book 3 in this series, but you don’t need the other two to fall in love with this story. Burkhard has an amazing talent to write a book with just enough details to get the stories that happened … Continue reading

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How does your story bloom?

What starts as a small bud, grows, expands and burst forth in color, texture and smell. Writing a book is like that. An idea will come to me and it sits dormant for days, weeks and sometimes months.  Then it … Continue reading

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See you in Heaven

In high school my next door neighbor became my best friend and ally. I watched her fall in love with a handsome boy, watched her fight with him and break up only to make up and start the process over … Continue reading

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I came home from my last trip to Chicago with a print that I loved. It was a huge yellow flower. I didn’t realize it was printed on paper. By the time I got it home it had several holes … Continue reading

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So do something!

“Realize that if you have time to whine and complain about something then you have the time to do something about it.”~ Anthony D’Angelo (1803-1882) Author & motivational speaker Ouch! Anyone else feel the sting of that quote? On my … Continue reading

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