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The Shower is over

I helped my daughter-in-law, Sara host a shower for my daughter-in-law- to-be, Bianna this weekend. Since I only have sons this was a huge pleasure!We picked a theme which we had to eliminate because we couldn’t find games to go … Continue reading

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Mama Mia! Italian food and Lou Brock

Yesterday evening Ed and I were trying to decide what to do about dinner. Eating out is something he loves to do and with my gluten issues it’s not as easy to find an off the wall place to try. … Continue reading

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Chocolate Chip Cookies!!!!

I was skeptical when I bought this box of cookie mix made by King Arthur Flour. I wanted chocolate chip cookies and the box is a basic mix so you can make a variety of different types of cookies. I … Continue reading

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Cooking with a Tween

It’s been a long time since I baked with anyone. My friend came to stay for a few days and we decided to try out Martha Stewarts Boston Cream Cupcakes in a chocolate gluten free version! All you need is … Continue reading

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Tasty Tiny Tomatoes!

I know! How good do these look? To many garden post for my readers I’m sure, but look at them! Aren’t they beautiful? The basil is from my garden too. Not the cheese though, no cow or goat in they … Continue reading

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BLT! Gluten Free Bread of course!

I’m reaping the joys of having my own tiny garden. I picked my first tomato to eat. The first one some creepy crawly thing ate before I picked it. 😦   Of course if you’re going to have a BLT you … Continue reading

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Mixes from the Heartland give-away & gardening

This was my birthday surprise from my husband. He took the day off from doing what he does, to make this–not much of a day off for him since he builds walls and patios! I’m excited to grow fresh herbs … Continue reading

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