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Review : Shadow Government by Grant R. Jeffrey

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Perfect Pumpkin

This week a friend is staying with me. For a few days her children were here too. We took the youngest pumpkin picking. After walking through all of those pumpkins he found one that he deemed perfect, but he couldn’t … Continue reading

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No place like a room full of books!

Ask any writer or reader about books and how many they have, the answer is likely to be, “To many to count.” I love that there are empty shelves but I don’t think that will last. This room has bothered … Continue reading

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Reiview: Kiss me again by Barbara Wilson

I did not have enough time to work though this book. It is set up as a weekly read with discussion questions so I don’t have an honest opinion on how well the book works to break invisible bonds.I was … Continue reading

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Soups on!

The weather is getting cooler here. I don’t do well in cold weather. I like it warm. My oven is currently on vacation, refusing to heat to the temperature it needs to be to bake so I thought I would … Continue reading

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Review: The Sound of Sleigh Bells by Cindy Woodsmall

This is the story of two single Amish women. Beth is in mourning for a man she didn’t marry. Her family has tried many times to get her to give up the colors of mourning. She won’t. She can’t. She … Continue reading

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Creative Space Thursday–Roosters

Ah, new curtains in the kitchen! I saw this fabric a few months ago at Jackman’s Fabircs and loved it. It was too expensive so I didn’t get it.Right before I left for Denver it went on sale! It’s a … Continue reading

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