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THE DIGITAL STORY OF NATIVITY – ( or Christmas 2.0 )


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Go Ahead–Light up!

Neurotheology–ever heard of it? I hadn’t, not until my friend Jen mentioned it to me last week. She heard about it on NPR.  Andrew Newberg has made it possible through neurotheolgy to explore what happens when a person prays or … Continue reading

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December 18–Try!

Through mybooktherapy I found Every day in December there is a writing prompt encouraging you to describe something that occurred in 2010.  Even if you aren’t a writer it’s a fun thing to do, jot down your reactions in a … Continue reading

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It’s December!

The St. Louis Zoo has been doing this for several years, but I didn’t know that! It was a hot chocolate sort of night. Do you have an unusual place that decorates for Christmas where you live?

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