Go Ahead–Light up!

Neurotheology–ever heard of it?

I hadn’t, not until my friend Jen mentioned it to me last week. She heard about it on NPR. 

Andrew Newberg has made it possible through neurotheolgy to explore what happens when a person prays or meditates. Newberg is a neuroscientist at the University of Pennsylvania and author of several books, including How God Changes Your Brain. 

 Newberg has been injecting a dye and taking photos of brains after people pray or meditate for over ten years. He’s discovering what Christians knew all along. When you pray you are in the presence of God. It turns out that when you pray, the parietal lobe lights up from the dye like the sun or is that the SON? 

The parietal lobe is the part of the brain is responsible for giving us the orientation of space and time. The light that shows bright on the scans indicates the parietal lobe activity decreases. So the light from the dye, means that part of the brain is inactive or dark. Huh? 

Does that mean when we pray we leave and go to God? I think it might, not physically of course but part of us leaves behind the things of this world for His world. 

Newberg has yet to fine tune his findings. So far it seems it doesn’t matter what faith you believe in as long as you are believing in something to make your brain go inactive.

I want to believe this is more proof that God exists for those who need scientific proof. 

So my suggestion? Hit your knees and light up your brain.

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December 18–Try!

Through mybooktherapy I found reverb10.com. 
Every day in December there is a writing prompt encouraging you to describe something that occurred in 2010. 

Even if you aren’t a writer it’s a fun thing to do, jot down your reactions in a journal and you’ll have an encapsulation of your past year.


Just think about each prompt for a moment, go back and cherish a few memories of the year or consider the lessons you may have learned. 

Today is TRY–What do you want to try next year? Is there something you wanted to try in 2010? What happened when you did / didn’t go for it? (Author: Kaileen Elise)

Next year I’d like to try living a bit more like my husband. No, I don’t want to lay brick and work outside from dark to dark! Ed, is quick to say yes to anything new; while I have to examine everything from what could go wrong to how much will I like this or hate it? 

Next year I’d like to find myself saying YES! to at least 3 things without thinking about. Now that I’ve written it he’ll see this on my blog and I’ll have to do it. That’s okay. I may find out that I have fun!
Maybe this?

This year I wanted to try rollerblading. I didn’t do it. To afraid of breaking a bone. Sad isn’t it? I love to roller skate but roller blades just seem out of my ability and deductible range.

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It’s December!

The St. Louis Zoo has been doing this for several years, but I didn’t know that! It was a hot chocolate sort of night.

Do you have an unusual place that decorates for Christmas where you live?

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What are you Thankful for?

What are you thankful for? Every year that question comes up on Thanksgiving. Today I’m wondering why we don’t ask that question more than once a year. 

Is it because we have trained ourselves to think in holiday format?
New Year’s is for resolutions.
4th of July and it’s time to be patriotic.
Thanksgiving is for thanks.
Christmas is for shopping, giving and getting.

I’m going to switch it up a bit and this year I’m going to make an effort to think of what I am thankful for more often. Want to join me?

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It’s Thurdsay time for show and tell

I have a friend who shares my addition. Her name is…wait that’s a secret, all I can give you is her first initial, B.

Fabric coupons, sales alert in the inbox or just because we drive by, we can’t turn down the call of that soft and colorful cotton. In one store the colors are lined up in rainbow order. Can you picture that? Everyone likes a rainbow don’t they?

One day B. brought by a small quilt she had made. It was a sodoku puzzle solved with fabric instead of a pencil.  I wanted to make one so off we went to the fabric store. I picked out nice colors I loved and then we returned to my home. 

I picked up the pattern and my eyes glazed over, my heart began to race and sweat beaded over my brow. “I’m going to be sick.”

“What’s wrong?” B. asked snatching the fabric from my hand to keep it safe.

“I forgot! This is a math puzzle. I can’t do these. I’ll never be able to make this quilt.” I collapsed into a comfortable chair…I wouldn’t pick an uncomfortable one! 

B. being the most special person ever stroked the fabric in her hand and said, “I’ll make it for you. But you have to quilt it.”

Right then I knew we were friends for life. 

Soon, the quilt top came back to me and she had pieced it together with her excellent skills. I quilted it with less than exceptional skills using invisible thread. I know! It’s not really invisible! It is however almost clear so you can’t see the mistakes.

And then being me, I had to add a bit of sparkle. I love my quilt. It hangs in my creative space now. Which is another blog post because to get it to hang in there major cleaning, moving and decluttering had to occur. 

Here’s the quilt. And I still can’t figure out the pattern.

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Review: Second Chance Brides by Vickie McDonough

Second Chance Brides by Vickie McDonough is the second book in the Texas Boardinghouse Brides series.
This book is one of McDonough’s best ever.  The cover on the book pulls you into the story. The cover artist caught the essence of the characters, Shannon O’Neil and Mark Corbett translating them into real people for me.
Shannon and Leah Bennett were caught in the Corbett brother’s scheme to find a wife for their cousin. (The Anonymous Bride, Book 1) Both have reasons for not returning to where they came from. Shannon is an Irish immigrant and now she’s alone in Lookout, Texas.  Leah’s dad tried to sell her to the oldest man in town and she doesn’t want to go back home.
Now both women are searching for ways to support themselves in Lookout.
Shannon and Leah are easy to like, McDonough has transformed them from the needy women in book one to women you want to know.
There is also the subplot of Jack (Jacqueline is the boarding house owner’s daughter) it’s been fun to watch her mature through the pages.
Now I am eagerly awaiting book 3, I don’t know what it is titled but I hope it’s about that incorrigible  Carly from The Anonymous Bride!
Backcover copy
Single and Stranded in Lookout, Texas
After a mail-order bride debacle, both Shannon O’Neil and Leah Bennett find themselves stranded in Texas. There are only two options available to them: get a job or find another man to marry.
The Corbett brothers, Garret and Mark, try to atone for the mess they created when they ordered their cousin three mail-order brides by hosting Saturday socials for the town’s eligible singles.
Will Shannon, the Irish immigrant, be wooed out of her timidity by the gallant rancher Rand Kessler? Or will Mark Corbett recognize something special in her green eyes?
When the livery owner comes to Leah’s rescue, will she find a diamond in the rough? Or snub him and seek out a more well-do-do man?
The Lookout citizens are in for a wild ride before wedding bells toll again in town.
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Trunk or Treat?

Halloween can be a writer’s delight or nightmare. At our church we do Trunk or Treat. Members of the congregation decorate their car trunks with happy pumpkins and lights. We load up our candy baskets and wait for the little ones to come.  
And they do by the car loads. It’s fun to see what each child has chosen and how the younger ones become their chosen character.
What is frightening are the older people who come without children dressed in some rather odd costumes. We give them candy too.  They don’t just get the candy though, everyone also gets a small piece of paper telling them about Jesus. Those who aren’t believers may think we are playing a trick on them, but really we are offering them a treat. Not to mention the handfuls of candy tossed in bags, pumpkins and pillowcases at each trunk stop.

What did you to for Halloween?

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