How do you celebrate?

HOWIt’s almost my birthday and I and my friend (the one with the sunglasses) have finished our book. Sort of…we are still doing edits. It was also opening day for the Cardinals. 
My other friend (in tomato red shirt) is great at getting us out of our routines to go play. We decided a day at the zoo would be fun. We arrived before the field trip buses. Phil, the gorilla has been a part of the St. Louis Zoo since I was a kid, except he was alive then! He used to splash the park visitors with water.. Everyone wanted to visit Phil when they went to the Zoo. The weather was astounding, warm and sunny a perfect day to be outdoors.
We were splashed by a penguin, rode a merry-go-round with the excitement of kindergartners, and marveled at God’s creativity when He made zebras… 

and giraffes…


 and paints the faces of little guys like this!
So what do you do with your friends to celebrate big events or just to have fun with friends?

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3 Responses to How do you celebrate?

  1. patti says:

    Dinner at my favorite restaurant, Thai House. A game of frisbee golf. Just a long chat over a cuppa coffee with friends.

    Fun post. Loved the animal pix.

  2. Sounds like great fun Diana!



  3. Diana says:

    Patti and Spencer, it was a great day. Ohhh frisbee golf that would be fun!

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