Easter has so many levels of meaning depending on your age and faith. 
For me it’s all about the resurrection of Christ.

If you’re 3, it’s about the dress, shoes, hat and eggs!

My great niece was very excited to tell us about her ruffled socks and pink dress. She loved her hat too.

The day was perfect for being outside to look for those hidden eggs.

Except for the wind!

A great whoosh came along and swiped the hat off of her head! 

Not to worry, her mom was able to catch it before it got to far away, but the hat was abandoned in order to search out the eggs. It was getting in her way. 

Later that day we experienced looking for eggs hidden by a 3-year-old. She would make one and only one person hide their eyes while she hid one egg. Then yell, “Ready!” 

As soon as eyes were uncovered she would LEAD the person to the egg and point to it. “There it is!”  

So much like the Easter message, if you want to believe you just follow Christ and He’ll say, “Here I am.”

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4 Responses to Simpilicity

  1. patti says:


    I LOVED that thought about Easter and simplicity…in a little girl’s new clothes…in the Savior’s sacrifice…


    That’s something to bottle up and keep.


  2. She was so cute, great photos you shot!

  3. patti says:

    Missin’ you, sweet girl!


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