Review: Jenna’s Cowboy by Sharon Gillenwater

Jenna has returned home, broken hearted with her son to heal. Her marriage has ended and she no longer feels like the homecoming queen who left town.
Nate has returned home too. The former football store is now a war hero plagued with post traumatic distress. Nate has always been in love with Jenna, but her father warned him away from her years earlier because he wanted something more for his only daughter.
Jenna and Nate reconnect as friends wanting more, but first Nate must overcome the demons from the war that causes him to act unknowingly in a manner that is dangerous to Jenna and her son.
I was hooked on this book from the beginning. It isn’t your normal romance. Gillenwater is able to portray each main character with major strength throughout the story.
For me I could have used less setting details about the ranching and cotton farming. But that is just me! I’m sure if you are interested at all in those occupations you would love the detail. I found them distracting because I wanted to get on with the story.
I’d recommend this besides being a good read it helps with the understanding of what our vets might be experiencing when they return home.
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