Creative Space Thursday–a writer’s paradise

It’s still the first week of NANO (national November Writer’s Month) and I’m still smiling. It’s going well, but then it hasn’t been an entire week yet. Today I went over the 8000 word mark. Feels good, very good. But tomorrow as Scarlet would say is another day.

So why am I smiling?I get to go here every Thursday in November and write. I’m not in my home of a coffee shop. I’m in a secret location, another writer’s home and let me just say it’s paradise. The colors are word tingling, yes word tingling. You walk in and the creative part starts speaking words then sentences. Did I mention this wonderful writer supplies me with gluten free cookies?

Still here’s another reason to smile.

If it weren’t for that bottle of diet Dr. Pepper on the table it would be easy for me to think I dreamed this nirvana. The entire wall of her dining/living room is filled with those spectacular bookcases. Need a name? She has a baby name book. Want to know what a castle in Germany looks like? She has a book for that. Need an example or two of excellent novel beginnings? She has that too. It’s a jewel box colorful jackets that speak to you across the room. “Keep writing you’ll be on this shelf someday!”
And the flowers? Her hubs sent them to her and her daughter a show of support during NANO. And I got to enjoy them too!
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2 Responses to Creative Space Thursday–a writer’s paradise

  1. I have no idea who’s house that is. When I saw the first picture I thought how I loved the photo arragement on the wall. But then I saw that it was not your table or desk and not your wall and I have no idea where that is!

  2. Diana says:

    ha! I’ll tell you later. 🙂 The photo arrangement is really cool. The photos are all ones ‘they’ took.

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