Review: Leaving Carolina by Tamara Leigh

I love this book! What a fun read and yet…it’s not all light and fun. There are some serious family relationship issues to be resolved. Some of them are huge and you have to wonder how Leigh will be able to fix this maladjusted family. Does she? Not telling.

Piper Wick is a fun character. She’s changed her name from Piper Pickwick –can you even imagine what she had to endure on the playground…oh wait, Piper isn’t real she’s the main character in this book. Leigh has brought her to life for readers though. If I were ever in Pickwick, North Carolina I’m sure I’d be looking for her.

There is a huge cast of family members in this book and they all have some kind of secret.

Then there is that yummo gardener, Axel Smith, to bad Piper is already taken.

The scenes with the pickled corn still has me wanting to taste some. I think I need to take a trip to the south and get some. 

You can get this delightful read here.

*This book provided to me for review by Multnomah.

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