Fall arrives and so does Nano month

Hubs and I were taking a drive down a road close to town. It has been gray and rainy for several days. On this day it seemed we hadn’t seen the sun in months.

We we’re discussing how much like winter it already felt, unlimited gray skys, dreary cold, no color. Then we round a curb and saw this marvelous handiwork of God. The sun wasn’t shining anywhere that we could see but the tree tops were lit this glorious orange red.

It reminded me that God is present even in the darkest moments of our lives.

NANOWRIMO started today at 12:00 a.m I have yet to write a word but I will. I have big plans I always do the first few days. Then it gets really hard. This year though I’ve been armed with some good tools.
1. Liquid Story Binder–now on sale half price, normally $45. It has some much organizational helps I can’t tell you how much it will help keep track of all the little details that float into your mind. I used to think it was a hard program to learn then I found  Not Enough Words She has broken this program into ‘make sense’ tutorials. So I’m pretty well on my way to a well thought out novel or at least it looks like it.
2. A book called From the Inside out by Sunan May Warren and Rachel Hauck. It helped me flesh out my characters and the setting and the plot. I recommend this one as well worth the money.
3. My netbook. I can take it anywhere and write. I have a laptop but it’s hooked with lots of cables to a monitor and printer on my desktop. It’s harder to dismantle it. So the netbook being light is easy to toss in my bag and go. Go to the park, the back yard, a friends house, borders or the couch next to the wood stove when it gets cold this month.
4. Prayer…lots of it from those at ACFW and my critgroups as we challenge ourselves to write our books this month.  ACFW is  the American Christian Fiction Writers and if you are thinking you might like to be a writer I recommend this group. Everyone is kind, helpful and the site has a ton of information to help you with your career.

I’m out of here I’ll post when I can this month but I’m hoping for understanding if my posts seem odd due to the vast amount of caffeine needed to keep the words filling my screen.

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