Strange Folk –yes I am one!

Our town hosts the Strange Folk Festival in late September. This year the library thought to include the local authors. We were invited to sign our books under the pavilion. The festival is unique hosting musicians and artists and now authors!

My time slot was perfect–right between two huge rainstorms!

After a chat on my book therapy with Jim from barefootmarketing and several other authors the idea of using a map and a few hot wheels to attract people to my place came as a suggestion. I downsized the original idea which would have been great but not feasible outside into the kids map from Target and a Disney truck and van. It worked. Kids came and looked at the map and drove around while mom looked at the books. I did sell several that day. So a big thank you to Jim and my MBT friends for the idea!

As far as being strange…only my family and friends know for sure.

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2 Responses to Strange Folk –yes I am one!

  1. I’m glad you sold some more books, the map was a cute idea. The Strange Folk Festival was definately interesting and a bit strange.

  2. Rhonda says:

    Your book signing set up looks great! Love the map and car/truck!

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