REVIEW: Fools Rush In by Janice Thompson

Fools Rush In could be subtitled My Big Fat Greek Wedding meets Italian Texans.
Misunderstanding the southern use of initials for names, Bella Rossi, wedding planner hires a dj for her first cowboy themed wedding.
She’s surprised when she learns D.J. is his name, not his profession. Through quite a few quinky dinks D.J. decides to take the job anyway.
D.J. isn’t just a cowboy, Ellie finds him fitting in with her crazy family and filling a space in her heart.
To say this book is unexpected wouldn’t be enough, not when you through in a pizza-making uncle with mob ties, an aunt who chases the neighbors kid with a broom while shouting in Italian, 80 pairs of cowboy boots and a bird.
Fools Rush In is book one of the Weddings by Bella series. The author Janice Thompson not only writes but is an experienced wedding coordinator. Which can only lead to more humor and odd happening in Bella’s story.

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