Back to Class

paver stepsLearning never stops as long as you are breathing. This week I’m trying to learn how to use feedburner. I want to be able to post the same blog on several sites so please bear with me as I experiment. So far I think I’ve managed to hook up with facebook, author central. If I could figure out how to do the same with and I’d be a happy writer.
Anyone know how do to this?  I love social networking, enjoy commenting back on notes left. Copy and Paste are not my favorite commands especially if there are photos involved.

I did find a useful and free tool called Windows live writer that make writing my blog much easier. It also lets me change photo sizes!   And crop them another time saver!

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2 Responses to Back to Class

  1. Edna says:

    I just can’t get the blog thing but I am not an important person that anyone would want to read about. But since I can’t write is another reason/ LOL


  2. Diana says:

    That’s funny, Edna! I’m not famous not even in my small town. I just like to write and I have so many words in my head they must go somewhere. 🙂

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