Things to Do

Why does the to do list in my life seems like it never gets finished?

Today’s list is yesterday’s list with a few more items added. I cross them off. Close my calendar and go to sleep.

The next day I open it and it seems as if the same things are rewritten!
Plan dinner
Those are always there, extras like banking, laundry and clean house show up often as well.

I noticed today one thing item that doesn’t show it’s face on that to do list.
Read my bible. How can I have let that slip? I do read it, occasionally, when I feel like I don’t get life and I’m searching for answers. I read it during Sunday School. I read sometimes before I go to sleep.

I never plan to read it though. I’m changing that. Today. I’m writing it on my planner. And this is one I’ll be happy to rewrite tomorrow.

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2 Responses to Things to Do

  1. Amy says:

    Good job! Once you commit…don’t ever let it slide! Just like brushing your teeth…a have to on the list. 🙂 Started two years ago and never looked back.

  2. Diana says:

    Thanks Amy, I know what you say is true and I’ve done so well in the past, the last two year when I should have been running to the Word I have found myself just peeking at it. And it shows in my personal walk with Him.

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