Creative Space Thursday

Last week I was busy painting and making the bathroom from under the sea to ME. Here’s a before and after photo, what do you think? I framed the daylilliy shots and love that I’m using my own art.

I love this fresh version and I get to use my small collection of carnival glass, not something I would have dreamed of with three boys in the house. I think painting the counter made the biggest difference.

Still excited about shooting photos of living things I tried a to capture the bee in the magnolia blossom. Hubs planted this tree two days ago and it’s blooming! I used the flower setting on my camera.

Next weeks project is to make pillow covers for my daughter-in-law. The fabric she found is a nice heavy weight home dec material.

As always I’m still trying to fit my fun stuff in with my writing. Writing usually wins. This week I had my first ever radio interview. I can’t figure out how to get the mp3 on blogger, sorry. I think it sounded okay, I was really scared, afraid I’d do a lot of thinking and not talking.

As always please check out Kootoyoo for more fun creative spaces this week.

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2 Responses to Creative Space Thursday

  1. Muddlepud says:

    It’s a nice color change, very fresh and inviting!

  2. Diana says:

    Thanks Muddlepud, I’m loving the look. Considering what to hit with the paintbrush next.

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