Flowers, cats, rain and the mail

I’ve been experimenting with my camera again. This time I was trying to capture the raindrops on the roses in the garden. After those raindrops dried up I realized I have another setting on my camera I should have tried. I went back to today to try again, but it has rained so much here the roses are no longer looking very perky being weighted down with all that moisture.

It’s been quite a whirl around the Brandmeyer house this past week. The youngest son packed his room and headed north where he’ll be beginning his new life. Cleveland, the black cat is now living in Seattle. He was a brave kitty to fly by himself all the way there. He arrived safely even though his care package didn’t make it before he did. I learned something today. Last Monday I shipped Cleveland’s toys, blankets, treats and bowls to his new home, priority mail. It cost $15.50 to do that. It would have been cheaper to send it parcel post. I was hooked though when the postal guy said it would take 2-3 days for it to arrive if sent priorty mail. Turns out there is very small print with that statement. It isn’t guarnteed to arrive in 2-3 days–just most of the time it does. How long did it take, it arrived today almost a week after Cleveland. I wonder if it was like Christmas for him to get his old things in the mail today?

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3 Responses to Flowers, cats, rain and the mail

  1. I love your new website, very nice. The rose pictures are pretty. I use the macro mode for closeups with my camera.

  2. Edna says:

    very pretty blog, do you ever give a book away if so please enter me into the drawing,


  3. Diana says:

    Edna, there will be a few chances to win the book. Keep checking back, you’ll have to enter on the day it’s offered.

    Delighfuldewelling, thanks for checking out my website. I tried the macro setting works much better. I’ll post those photos later.

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