Still having Blogger troubles WordPress anyone?

It seems I am still the only person allowed to post comments to my blog. I haven’t heard from blogger, I’ve removed what I thought might be the problem and still it doesn’t work.
So if you tried leaving a comment I thank you for the effort.

I’m wondering if anyone knows how to change from blog to wordpress? Is there a way to do it easily? Can I move all of my posts over? If anyone one knows could you send me a link or advice to DLBrandmeyer at notice I put in spaces so please remove them before trying to email me.
pencildancer…feeling very lonely

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9 Responses to Still having Blogger troubles WordPress anyone?

  1. NAVAL LANGA says:

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  2. Diana says:

    Naval Langa!Bless you for posting after my ‘fix’ I’m so glad to see this is working again.
    I will hop over and visit your blog, it sounds very interesting.

  3. CYRunge says:

    Testing out OpenID using AIM. Hope this goes through for you Diana.

  4. Sara L. says:

    Testing to see if my comment works!

  5. Looks like comments are working now, Diana. However, I highly recommend WordPress; you can do so much more with it than blogger.

    Although you can set up a blog on the WordPress site, self-hosting it on your own Web site is best in my opinion. In fact, my entire Web site is now a WordPress blog–using a theme that works great as a content management system. But it’s easy to install WordPress in a separate directory and keep your current Web site as it is now.

    I don’t know about blogs on WordPress, but if you host your own WordPress, I know you can import everything from your current Blogger blog. You can keep the blogger blog and just link from it to your new site so anyone who doesn’t get the message can still find you.

  6. Diana says:

    You are all so awesome to check this out for me. Thank you so much!

    Lillie, I may get in touch with you and ask you a few questions about wordpress. 🙂

  7. handmaiden says:

    Diana, much better settings now. this is a test.

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