Creative Space Thursday

More fabric. I really have good intentions, this is going to be a skirt and a top. I just don’t know when I will get time to sew them. So for now the fabric has been washed and will go onto the stash shelf.

Next week won’t be sewing week. Josh and Bri will be coming home for Easter. Bri is allergic to Cleveland so I will have to spend extra time cleaning and shampooing carpets and pray she doesn’t have a reaction to him. He was supposed to be living somewhere else by now, but that hasn’t happened. I’m still praying that it will soon. He’s a sweet cat, he just won’t get along with my cat. Right now he looks like a shiny black wooly caterpillar!

This week was spent going through my galleys for Hearts on the Road. I’m super excited that the book will be coming out in June. Still waiting to see what my cover looks like. Will those on the cover match my vision of what Randi Davis and Matthew Carter look like? And what about their truck? Will it be on the cover? Stay tuned!

Keep reading your mind loves the engagement!

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