How to see things differently

This is another creative space challenge. This is my cutting space in my sewing room. I had a box of scraps I couldn’t bear to part with, some are pretty and others are well…pretty ugly! Still they were a good size and throwing them away didn’t seem responsible. I did some looking on the internet thinking there had to be a way to use scraps. I found quiltville and there was my answer!

I began cutting that box of scraps. I cut for almost seven hours and that box is like a huge plate of pasta! It never seems to get empty. I took a break and put one of the blocks for the Crayon Box quilt together. I think it will be a fun quilt when I’m finished.

I look at that box of scraps and I wonder if God sees my mishaps of managing my life in the same way. I know the box will never be empty, yet God is always able to put me back together and usually not in a way I thought! He uses the ugly and the pretty parts of my life to bring me to a new place on this earth. Right now He’s sharpening me with learning patience. We work on that one together quite ofen.

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