Baby it’s cold out there!

I know! I know it is January and it is supposed to be cold. But ZERO? It isn’t what was promised!

Where is the global warming? I was sure by now my state would be having Floridian temperatures by now. If I believed the predictions by now, I would no longer need gloves, winter coat and heavy socks. I would be taking walks around the park watching kids buzz by me on rollerblades and healies, sunshine beating on my head turning my hair blonder. I long for those days!

Still I’m thankful for the cold weather.

It will take care of some of those pesky summer bugs—fleas and mosquitoes.
I get to enjoy the warmth of the wood stove.
I get to enjoy the fun company of my husband since he can’t work on a day like today.
And when the weather turns warm I will really enjoy it.

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