Play time

I’m finding cats to be as individual in their play time desires as humans! Cleveland (black) loves to play fetch. He runs after that fuzzy, crinkly ball and then drops it at your feet, over and over and over! Wendell however prefers strings and boxes.

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2 Responses to Play time

  1. I had a fluffy cat like Cleveland that liked to play fetch. She liked bottle caps the best.I also had a black cat (not fluffy) that LOVED grocery bags (the paper kind). You couldn’t get the groceries unpacked fast enough before she’d hop in and just wait to attack you when you reached in, thinking there was still groceries inside.Ah, I miss having a cat!

  2. Diana says:

    Bottle caps! I wouldn’t have thought about that. I’ll have to try it. Wendell likes the rings from the milk cartons but he won’t return them.Sorry you miss your kitty. 😦

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