Being humbled

I have to admit I couldn’t wait to get to ACFW this year. One of the reasons I wanted to go was I knew I would get something on my name tag that said published author. Now, I know I’m published with awe-struck and a few others but the respect isn’t quite there in the print world yet. It’s coming but it’s been moving slow. So now that I have a print book Hearts on the Road coming out from Barbour in January I have to say I feel as if I’ve achieved a major goal.

so where did I go wrong?

I let my pride take over my thoughts. Somehow I thought this would make me feel better, wiser, people would want to talk to me…millions of reasons. Then I went to the registration desk and picked up my badge. No ribbon of honor waited for me, so I asked what about my author tag. “No, I’m not doing the book signing the book isn’t out yet. Oh, so I don’t get a tag.” Sadly I walked away but wait, I saw someone with an extra tag that said Barbour Author, shouldn’t I at least have one of those?

I grumbled inside all day Thursday and Friday when I saw a fellow author with that coveted ribbon. But something else was happening, I forgot about being published when I sat next to new attendees, I talked to them, made new friends, even talked to those with the coveted ribbons on their chest. AND I realized perhaps I didn’t get a ribbon because my pride might have caused me to miss forming some new friendships.

And then:

I went to the Barbour Author event. It was held in the Underwater Aquarium at the Mall of America. I had my ticket in an envelope given to me by Rebeca Germany on Thursday morning. I looked inside pulled out my ticket and Yep, you guessed it, my Barbour Author tag. I know I was smiling a huge smile because my husband told me so! I reached in my purse and pulled out my name tag and applied the ribbon. It was too late to wear the ribbon to the conference because I left Saturday morning but that’s okay. I learned something…a ribbon does not an author make. Hard work is what gets the job done. Being welcoming and making new friends is more important. Sure I’ll gladly wear my ribbon at the next conference but I’ll be more humble about having it.

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2 Responses to Being humbled

  1. Sara L. says:

    Love the kitty pics, they are so cute. I hope they are getting along well enough.Congrats on getting an author ribbon!

  2. Diana says:

    Thanks! So far they are not doing so well. I keep praying they’ll do better. 😦

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