Rush Rush Rush

You know that song? I’m in a hurry and don’t know why? Rush and rush until life’s no fun? Well, that’s me today! I’m scurrying to get things ready for the ACFW conference and it seems as if my to-do list keeps growing. I need to be still and let God take care of my angst! But of course I’d rather be in charge so my stomach is in knots, papers are spitting from my printer, the cat litter box needs to be cleaned and oh yeah what about dinner? See, I’m not having fun.
REFRAME! Dear God, please untangle my today and make my path straight!
Today has been a blast! I found a great deal on a few clothing items this morning to take on my trip. I found out I needed several color highlighters for a class and I love going to the office supply section of any store. It’s a joy to have my words on paper piling up to be put in a notebook for the class too. See…I’m doing better. 🙂 Dinner? Pizza of course. 🙂 It’s so much easier to handle life when you give your life to God.

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