It’s May

It feels like May for the first time in weeks. The sun is shining and it’s warm outside. I am amazed at how quickly I become energetic when the sun is shining. I am convinced I could never live in Washington or Alaska. I need that bright happy light.

I’m getting anxious for June to arrive. Contract month! I’ll be signing with a bigger publisher than I have ever signed before. I am excited! I’ll post on the experience as it occurs. I’m sure there will be expectations I hadn’t anticipated.

Still stalling on starting my next book, due to the weather. I love blaming cloudy gray days for my not being productive. It takes the pressure off of me!

I finally saw the movie Enchanted this month. I loved it. What a fun story and how I wish I could call the animals in to do my yuck work.

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One Response to It’s May

  1. Wasn’t Enchanted wonderful? I love that children and adults could both enjoy it.I am sooooo glad for the warm weather. It’s about time!Can’t wait to hear about the publishing details!

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