Deal or No Deal

I’ll admit it. I’ve become addicted to the show. It’s a fascinating look into what people are willing to risk on uncertainty.

Last night, a woman could have kissed a frog and doubled her offer, more money than she would probably make in twenty years (guessing from her comments) and yet she turned it down. It is easy to judge from the safety of my couch. I of course would have kissed the frog. He didn’t look that bad.

What really amazes me though is the help the contestants bring with them. These 3 people, relatives and best friends encourage them to take huge risks, just two more case, just one more, are the shouts from the sidelines.

We all know about peer pressure. We’ve experienced it as teenagers at its worst. So why when it comes to a game where a huge amount of money is possible if you just take the deal do these contestants listen to those they love? Is it because they feel they are being offered good advice? Do they not want to disappoint their loved ones? Or is it fear of having to listen to “I told you so,” for the rest of their lives.

I’m thinking it’s all the above. I don’t’ think it matters how old you are, peer pressure comes into play often in our daily lives. So what to do about it?

Keep your eyes on God. Read your bible, listen to your heart. Good idea right? So why isn’t it easier to do that? I struggle with it every day, choosing to listen to the those who are louder. Maybe that’s my answer. I need to let God’s voice have more volume, let Him drown out the others shouting at me.

Thanks for letting me ramble today.

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