New Month

New beginnings, send the last child back to school and start creating me again. Sounds great doesn’t it? So in order to do that I thought I should review the top seven things I might have done differently this past year. Why seven? I’m not David Lettermen!
7. Spent more time learning one thing well instead of ten things a little bit.
6. Started exercising in Jan. instead of August.
5. Continued in my efforts to eliminate clutter from my house.
4. Taught my cat how to retrieve Diet. Dr. Pepper bottles from the fridge and bring it to me.
3. Made more meals for my family this summer instead of doing take out.
2. Learned how to drive the bob cat.
1. Not ask God for a big storm note to self: next time ask for sprinkles

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One Response to New Month

  1. I’m with you on the no. 1 thing too. Wow, what a summer, huh?

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