July 1

This might be the answer to keeping up with my blog! Yay! I found this cool add on program for firefox that helps me post.
It’s hot here! Our backyard pool is still green so we won’t be swimming this weekend. We bought the pool when our boys were younger and they enjoyed it. But now almost everyone is living somewhere else, except the youngest who is only home during prime swimming time. He doesn’t seem to be around when it’s time to work on the pool. Odd isn’t it? Love you Josh.

Still no buyers for our ‘tuition’ house. I’m hoping after the fourth of July, people will be more interested in finding a new home. Or maybe I’ll reconsider selling our home and moving into that one. At least everything is updated and clean there! I’m working on cleaning this one now. It’s amazing how fast things can get out of control when you’re tired.

On writing:
I’m using writer’s blocks 3 and Karen Wiesner’s book First Draft to get my next book ready. I’m on day two. 🙂 I’m also getting another proposal ready to send out so my time is filling up fast. I thought I would have lots of free time now that I’ve finished most of my hard labor on the tuition house. 🙂 Lesson learned: there will always be work to fill up the empty time IF you are willing to do it.

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